Published on October 15, 2019


April 24 - Announced plans to make life easier and more affordable for families by simplifying the Estate Administration Tax 

April 23 - Announced free dental care for low-income seniors 

April 23 - Protected and created jobs in central Ontario by investing in repairs to Highway 7/115

April 22 - Raised awareness about mental health in Ontario’s farming community  

April 18 - Passed the People’s Health Care Act to put patients at the centre of the health care system and end hallway health care 

April 18 - Announced $27 billion in essential hospital infrastructure investments over 10 years to end hallway health care

April 18 - Put children and workers first by providing wage enhancement funding for the child care sector

April 18 - Launched a $4.5 million Species at Risk Stewardship Program

April 17 - Announced the Big Game Management Advisory Committee to improve moose management in Ontario

April 17 - Invested $1 billion to make community housing safer, more efficient and sustainable

April 16 - Changed the Mandatory Blood Testing Act to better protect emergency first responders, medical professionals, victims of crime and good Samaritans

April 16 - Added new express GO Train service for Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax and Pickering commuters and travellers 

April 15 - Reinforced commitment to modernize licensing and certification processes for farmers and agri-businesses

April 12 - Put parents and children first with the new proposed Ontario Childcare Access and Relief from Expenses (CARE) tax credit 

April 11: Introduced 2019 Ontario Budget: Ontario's Plan to Protect What Matters Most 

April 5 - Improved Ontario's conservation authorities to ensure people, property and natural resources are protected from flooding and extreme weather 

April 4 - Reinforced the government's commitment to protecting and sustaining Ontario's education system

April 4 - Announced the government's intent to consult with Ontario public sector employers and bargaining agents to restore sustainability to public sector wages and preserve critical front-line services 

April 3 - Took next step to building a connected public health care system by providing guidance on how to become an Ontario Health Team 

April 2 - Passed the Restoring Ontario's Competitiveness Act to cut red tape and create jobs 

April 2 - Announced consultations on enhancements to the Ontario Autism Program 

March 29 - Put OPP personnel and families first by investing in a comprehensive mental health program 

March 27 - Invest $1.3 billion in highway infrastructure

March 26 - Passed legislation to restore respect for police officers

March 26 - Announced funding to help improve public transit across Ontario

March 26 - Took action to boost local efforts to stop gun violence and gang activity across Ontario

March 22 - Announced 1, 157 new long-term care beds across Ontario

March 21 - Introduced the Fixing the Hydro Mess Act, reforming the electricity system to lower costs and find efficiencies

March 21 - Cut red tape for boat, snowmobile, and ATV dealers

March 21 - Enhanced supports for children with autism and their families

March 19 - Doubled provincial investment to prevent sexual assault and violence on post-secondary campuses

March 18 - Announced $1 billion in annual savings through centralizing government procurement (buying in bulk)

March 15 - Released Education that Works for You plan to focus on STEM, financial literacy, mathematics, and skilled trades

March 12 - Launched $30 billion infrastructure funding program, in partnership with the federal government

March 8 - Ontario created 36, 900 jobs in February as a result of our pro-growth labour policies

March 6 - Released discussion paper on how to reduce waste and litter, and opened it up for public comment

February 27 - Announced free GO Transit rides for children 12 and under

February 21 - Capped Hydro One executive compensation at $1.5 million (previous CEO made $6 million)

February 20 - Transformed Tarion, to better protect home buyers and address conflicts of interest

February 19 - Introduced the COPS Act, to treat police officers with fairness and respect 

February 14 - Launched our ten-year Driving Prosperity plan to boost Ontario's auto sector

February 13 - Third quarter financial results released showing a $1 Billion reduction in inherited $15 Billion deficit

February 12 - Took next steps to upload TTC Subway to the province to get transit built faster

February 12 - Launched a refreshed labour market website 

February 8 - Ontario added 41, 400 jobs as a result of our policies to boost job creation in Ontario

February 1 - Made life easier for farmers who suffer livestock and crop losses

February 1 - Celebrated natural gas expansion to Fenelon Falls, Cameron, and Cambray

January 31 - Saved businesses $5 Million per year by making health and safety training available online

January 25 - Passed along $200 Million in savings at Bruce Power to electricity customers

January 24 - Cut red tape for farmers by simplifying business registration

January 24 - Leveraged new technology at truck inspection stations to save time, money, and fuel

January 23 - Providing municipalities with second $15 Million payment to manage cannabis legalization

January 23 - Premier Ford received the Golden Scissors award from the CFIB for being a champion for red-tape reduction

January 22 - Received A- grade on cutting red tape from CFIB, Ontario's highest grade ever

January 17 - Allowed students the option to opt out of some additional fees that are currently mandatory

January 17 - Reduced college and university tuition rates by 10% beginning September 1st

January 10 - Froze all fishing and hunting license fees and removed $2 service fee

January 9 - Launched auto insurance rates consultation

January 1 - LIFT credit comes into effect, eliminating provincial income tax for minimum wage earners



December 20 - Passed legislation to prevent a Power Workers' Union strike that risked power outages during Christmas

November 21 - Bill 47, the Making Ontario Open for Business Act, received Royal Assent

November 15 - Protected 'double hatter' firefighters from unfair penalties for serving their communities and saving lives

November 15 - Announced the LIFT credit, the largest tax-break for low-income workers in a generation

October 23 - Introduced Bill 47, the Making Ontario Open for Business Act

October 9 - Brought back Slots-At-Racetrack Program

October 3 - Acted to end hallway healthcare - 1,100 hospital beds and 6,000 long-term care beds announcement

October 2 - Fought for Ontario farming jobs - new US-Mexico-Canada Agreement

September 29 - Provided tornado recovery assistance funding to Ottawa

September 29 - Improved airport terminals

September 28 - Scrapped the Drive Clean program

September 27 - Launched provincial forestry strategy

September 26 - Introduced cannabis retail legislation 

September 26 - Launched concussion safety campaign to mark Rowan's Law

September 26 - Reduced WSIB premiums by 29% to empower job creators to invest in their business

September 25 - Released the line by line review of government spending by EY Canada

September 24 - Announced a select committee to investigate past financial practices

September 21 - Announced results of the Commission of Inquiry, exposing the previous government's real deficit is $15 billion

September 21 - The Auditor General issued her first clean audit of public accounts in three years to this Government

September 20 - Scrapped the Green Energy Act

September 20 - Increased GO Train service in the GTHA

September 19 - Traveled to Washington, DC to protect Ontario jobs during NAFTA negotiations

September 18 - Extended access to natural gas

September 14 - Increased access to snowmobiling licences and safety information online

September 14 - Challenged the federal carbon tax in court

August 31 - Began work on our promise to build better regional transit across Ontario

August 30 - Committed to upholding free speech on publicity funded university and college campuses

August 29 - Gave people a voice to decide the future of government services

August 22 - Gave parents a voice on public education

August 21 - Strengthened relationships between the province and municipalities

August 21 - Froze driver license renewal fees

August 17 -  Announced nine new OPP detachments

August 15 - Ensured greater transparency and accountability at Hydro One

August 13 - Announced cannabis retail model following federal legalization of cannabis

August 9 - Invested $25 million to fight guns and gangs

August 8 - Responded to the forest fire crisis

August 7 - Issued the 'Buck-A-Beer' Challenge

August 2 -  Challenged the federal carbon tax in court

July 27 - Announced the Better Local Government Act

July 26 - Got York University students back to class

July 25 - Introduced legislation to end cap-and-trade carbon tax

July 20 - Supported new Lower Don project by cutting red tape

July 18-20 - Showed national leadership at the Council of the Federation

July 17 -  Launched Independent Financial Commission of Inquiry

July 17 -  Commissioned a line-by-line audit of government spending

July 13 - Demonstrated leadership on illegal border crossing crisis

July 13 - Cancelled wasteful energy contracts

July 11 - CEO of Hydro One and Board of Directors - gone

June 30 - Reformed OHIP+ supporting people in greatest need

June 27 - Committed to building memorial for the veterans of the Afghanistan War

June 21 - Saved 7500 jobs at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station

June 15 - Began the process of scrapping the cap-and-trade carbon tax