November 8 – Provided funding for additional long-term care beds in the Durham region to expand services for patients and families and end hallway health care

November 8 – Paid tribute to the contributions of First Nation, Métis and Inuit people to the military history of Canada to mark Aboriginal Veterans Day

November 8 – Increased support for Ontario’s Pre-Apprenticeship Training program to address shortages in the skilled trades and help more people secure in-demand jobs

November 8 – Highlighted the creation of 256,200 jobs since June 2018 and reaffirmed our commitment to create and protect good jobs and help businesses remain competitive in Ontario

November 8 – Unveiled the design for the Memorial to Honour Canadian Heroes if the War in Afghanistan that will be built at Queen’s Park as a legacy to our new generation of heroes

November 8 – Put forward a multi-year action plan that will make life easier for professional truck operators to do business in Ontario while remaining focused on safety

November 7 – Passed legislation to manage public sector compensation in a fair and reasonable way while protecting vital services and fiscal sustainability

November 7 – Took steps to improve effectiveness of industrial electricity pricing and free up resources for training and job creation after extensive consultations

November 7 – Stood up against discrimination and prejudice in Ontario schools in response to a request for ministry intervention from the Peel District School Board

November 7 – Undertook the first-ever multi-sector provincial climate impact assessment to help communities identify climate change risks and strengthen their resilience

November 6 – The Minister of Finance released the 2019 Ontario Economic Outlook and Fiscal Review: A Plan to Build Ontario Together

November 4 – Provided a major investment to build new and expanded hospital infrastructure, support innovation and system integration, and end hallway health care in the GTA

November 4 – Celebrated Ontario’s historic new partnership with Toronto to build the most ambitious subway expansion in Canadian history and bring relief to commuters

November 4 – Introduced a new regional investment program to support business growth, job creation and economic opportunities in eastern and southwestern Ontario

November 4 – Made it easier for Canadian military heroes and families relocating to Ontario to get the support they need with the launch of a new dedicated hotline

November 4 – Launched a new online hub to celebrate National Skilled Trades and Technology Week, promote career opportunities in the skilled trades, and build the workforce Ontario needs

November 4 – Highlighted the importance of modern and meaningful treaty relationships for Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in recognition of Ontario’s fourth annual Treaties Recognition Week

November 4 – Welcomed HEQCO’s report and delivered on our promise to uphold free speech on Ontario university and college campuses

November 4 – Reaffirmed our commitment to work with experts and frontline staff to improve health care delivery at adult correctional facilities

November 3 – Marked the coming into force of cellphone restrictions in Ontario to ensure students focus on learning

November 2 – Propose regulatory changes to make patios dog-friendly, giving consumers more choice and helping businesses stay competitive

November 1 – Renewed our commitment towards public safety and the protection of communities impacted by floods in response to the Special Flood Advisor’s report

October 31 – Invested to support the expansion of skilled trades training programs and address the skilled labour shortage

October 31 – Introduced expanded monetary penalties against polluters to better protect the environment and support local projects

October 30 – Gave more choices to Ontario’s students by cutting red tape for post secondary institutions so they can offer new programs through streamlined processes

October 30 – Highlighted progress towards a new home warranty program informed by the Auditor General’s report on the Tarion Warrant Corporation

October 30 – Invested in programs and services to help support the health and well-being of seniors and their families in communities across the province

October 30 – Received recommendations from the Autism Advisory Panel for a new needs-based and sustainable Ontario Autism Program that will support as many families as possible

October 30 – Completed a review of provincial agencies and implemented measures to improve services, fix inefficiencies and better spend taxpayer dollars

October 30 – Provided new funding to give students in Ontario the tools they need to learn about agriculture and pursue careers in the agri-food sector

October 29 – Marked a pivotal moment for public transit in Ontario with a new partnership with Toronto that will help get subways built faster and promote economic growth

October 29 – Marked a significant step in the Watay Power Project to better connect remote First Nation communities to Ontario’s power grid

October 29 – Removed unnecessary barriers to make it easier for charities involved in food donation and community feeding to safely help those in need

October 29 – Introduced legislation to better protect animals from abuse and neglect through stronger penalties and a more robust enforcement system

October 28 – Proposed over 80 new actions to reduce regulatory burdens, remove barriers to job creation and income growth, and make everyday life easier for Ontarians

October 25 - Invested in an inclusive hiring project with the Retail Council of Canada to make businesses in Ontario more accessible for employees and customers

October 25 - Delivered on our commitment to improve access to child care and give parents more choice by announcing over 19,000 new licensed child care spaces in 2018-2019

October 25 - Invested in green infrastructure across Ontario to help smaller communities tackle critical water, wastewater and storm water needs and drive local economic growth

October 25 - Took urgent action to ban the promotion of vaping products in convenience stores and gas stations in order to protect young people in Ontario

October 25 - Provided funding to municipalities to help them find smarter, more efficient ways to operate and focus their spending on vital programs and services for Ontarians

October 24 - Released a statement on the government's proposal to reduce class sizes and the ongoing union negotiations to keep the students in class

October 24 - Concluded a successful trade mission to South Korea and Japan to promote Ontario's agri-businesses and develop trade opportunities in automotive and aerospace sectors

October 24 - Released a third and final discussion paper to support the development of Ontario's strategy to promote better data management and data skills

October 24 - Provided free resources to make it easier for businesses and communities to be more accessible and inclusive

October 23 - Supported affected workers of the GM plant in Oshawa by opening an Action Centre providing training and services to help them get back to work quickly

October 23 - Took action to better spend taxpayer dollars and protect the sustainability of public services by making government smarter, more cost-effective and responsive

October 23 - Established Ontario's first annual Day of Action on Litter to keep our neighbourhoods, parks, and waterways clean and raise awareness of the need to reduce waste

October 23 - Made it faster, easier and more affordable for people and businesses to resolve their disputes in front of a judge by increasing the claim limit for Small Claims Court

October 22 - Helped Ontario's food processors and other agri-food businesses thrive and grow by renewing funding opportunities

October 22 - Announced the new Ontario Electricity Rebate to bring more transparency to hydro rates

October 22 - Premier Ford released a statement congratulating the Prime Minister on his re-election and invited the federal government to work with Ontario to make life more prosperous for all

October 21 - Premier Ford announced changes to the Executive Council that will help the government create good jobs, support small businesses and implement its plan to build Ontario together

October 21 - Marked Waste Reduction Week by sharing tips on how to reduce waste and updates on the government's important work to address the issue of waste and protect our environment

October 18 - Launched a new website to hear directly from businesses how the government can modernize regulations and cut red tape to make Ontario open for business and open for jobs

October 16- Recognized and celebrated the outstanding, selfless contributions of more than 7,100 volunteers across the province through the Volunteer Service Awards

October 16 - The Premier released a statement to highlight a ground-breaking partnership with Toronto to transform transit in the GTHA, get people moving and promote economic growth

October 15 - Launched a new submission framework for unsolicited proposals to help the private sector contribute to improving public infrastructure and related services

October 15 - Announced two new agreements with South Korea to help increase trade and investment, and open up global markets for exporters in Ontario

October 11 - Created a free resource to help groups and communities make their Remembrance Day and memorial ceremonies more accessible

October 11 - Supported job creators and workers through the government's Open for Jobs plan, leading to an increase of 41,000 new jobs in September 

October 10 - Named advisor to support consultations on strengthening and modernizing public health and emergency health services

October 10 - More than doubled funding to advance student mental health and permanently funded approximately 180 frontline mental health workers in secondary schools

October 10 - Supported farmers by investing in two important organizations that help farmers sell their local food products directly to consumers

October 10 - Launched a trade and investment mission to South Korea and Japan to promote Ontario as an attractive destination to do business and invest, and help sectors affected by trade challenges access new markets

October 9 - Encouraged agricultural education and careers for youth by supporting 4-H Ontario, which provides hands-on learning and leadership skills in the agri-food sector

October 9 - Consulted on a new benefits pooling model for broader public sector participants to manage compensation growth in a fair, reasonable and sustainable way

October 8 - Named Ontario Food Terminal as a Provincially Significant Employment Zone to protect jobs and secure economic growth

October 8 - Recognized Yom Kippur as a solemn and sacred time of reflection, rest and atonement for Jewish people in Ontario and around the world

October 6 - Reached a tentative agreement between the Crown, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, and the school board trustee associations to keep kids in class where they belong

October 4 - Announced an upcoming business mission to India from November 18 to 22 that will help Ontario businesses gain access to strategic markets

October 4 - Made it easier for people and businesses to check the status of an Ontario's driver's license by eliminating the $2 fee and modernizing the online Driver's License Check service

October 3 - Worked to reduce red tape for over 500 Ontario agricultural and horticultural organizations in the province to help create jobs

October 3 - Helped municipalities repair designated roadways and bridges to keep families safe, support jobs and promote growth in local communities

October 2 - Took action to transform Ontario's new home warranty program and strengthen consumer protection for new home buyers and owners

October 1 - Began accepting applications from current and potential operators to build new long-term care beds and redevelop existing ones

October 1 - Launched a safety blitz in an effort to prevent musculoskeletal injuries, focusing on the construction, health care, industrial, and mining sectors

October 1 - Collaborated with the meat processing sector to continue to increase food safety in the province while supporting economic growth opportunities

September 30 - Fully implemented Canada's first-ever prompt payment regime and a new, streamlined dispute resolution process that will cut red tape to support jobs and growth in Ontario's construction industry

September 30 - Received recommendations to help mortgage brokers better serve customers by reducing regulatory burdens while ensuring consumers and families are protected

September 30 - Celebrated the opening of a new, state-of-the-art Ontario Provincial Police facility dedicated to cyber operations that will support more than 50 expert staff working to protect public safety

September 30 - Took key actions to improve accessibility in schools to support a more inclusive learning environment for all

September 30 - Took steps to protect Ontario's lakes and rivers from the threat of invasive species and fish diseases while keeping the baitfish industry open for business 

September 27 - Invested in the province's small wineries, cideries, and distilleries to grow the province's beverage alcohol sector and ensure it can continue to meet consumer demand

September 27 - Took actions to reduce red tape and help businesses thrive, resulting in 10,000 new jobs and making Ontario the top destination in North America for foreign direct investment

September 26 - Supported 39 municipalities and three school boards in conducting independent reviews to find efficiencies and focus spending on vital programs and services

September 26 - Established a special advisory panel to provide advice and different perspectives on a range of workplace issues in the construction industry

September 25 - Engaged with frontline correctional officers in Lindsay to help improve staff and inmate safety

September 25 - Froze Workplace Safety and Insurance Board rate increases for 2,700 non-profits, and decreased rates for a further 1,600, to help organizations that serve Ontarian's most vulnerable citizens

September 25 - Recognized Rowan's Law Day by providing funding to support concussion awareness, education and prevention events across Ontario to improve concussion safety

September 24 - Selected a design firm and consultation panel to build a memorial to honour Canadian veterans of the war in Afghanistan

September 24 - Reduced Workplace Safety and Insurance Board costs to businesses by eliminating the unfunded liability charge, putting more than $600 million back into Ontario's economy

September 24 - Launched three speed limit pilots on select highways to explore new ways to improve traffic flow on provincial highways

September 24 - Helped build new housing projects faster by launching a consultation on how government can better help people understand and meet Ontario's Building Code requirements

September 23 - Appointed advisors to consult with industry and stakeholders to help make the skilled trades and apprenticeship system more user friendly

September 23 - Made community housing safer by allowing housing providers to turn away tenants who have been evicted for serious crimes

September 23 - Invested in more than 260 projects to support the needs of seniors living in underserviced rural, remote, multicultural, and Francophone communities

September 23 - Recognized the economic, social and environmental benefits forests provide to Ontarians and introduced Ontario's new forest sector strategy during National Forest Week

September 20 - Launched the second discussion paper for Ontario's Data Strategy, focused on creating economic benefits in the data economy and unlocking the commercial value of data while protecting people's privacy

September 20 - Posted proposed reforms to improve the way aggregate resources are managed to the Environmental Registry, ensuring a fair and balanced approach

September 20 - Extended long-term care funding to ensure gaps in staffing can be addressed, while working to modernize and increase access

September 18 - Invested in the Alzheimer Society of Ontario to help families, caregivers and communities recognize the risks of dementia, prepare for incidents, and help seniors live safely

September 18 - Announced the high participation rate in the government's engagement process to improve the child welfare system

September 18 - Invested in high quality training and performance programming to support tomorrow's Olympic and Paralympic champions

September 18 - Took a first step towards responding to emerging issues around vaping by requiring public hospitals to provide statistical information to the Chief Medical Officer of Health

September 17 - Created a transparent process to allow all First Nation students to seamlessly access education without delay to give families more choice

September 17 - Announced intent to invest any award from the national class action lawsuit against opioid manufacturers and wholesalers directly into frontline mental health and addiction services

September 17 - Announced a trade mission to South Korea and Japan in October to promote Ontario as an attractive destination to do business and invest, and help sectors affected by trade challenges access new markets

September 16 - Partnered with Ontario Pork to help keep animals safe and healthy

September 13 - Released 2018-19 Public Accounts, reinforcing the government's ongoing commitment to transparency and accountability

September 11 - Provided more comprehensive services for people trying to quit smoking by transitioning telephone-based smoke cessation services in Ontario from Smokers' Helpline to the Telehealth Ontario platform

September 11 - Invested in research on livestock nutrition, biosecurity and production to help keep Ontario's farm animals healthy and safe and make the livestock sector more productive

September 11 - Invested in expanding home and community care across the province to build capacity and help end hallway health care

September 10 - Met with farmers and agriculture organizations at Canada's Outdoor Farm Show to discuss current challenges and how the government can support the agri-food industry

September 10 - Used the public-private partnership (P3) model to make historic infrastructure investments in civil, healthcare, and community safety across the province that will benefit the people of Ontario now and for years to come

September 10 - Committed to buying more BiLevel cars for GO Transit, which will add more than 6,000 additional seats for customers and will be manufactured by workers at Bombardier's Thunder Bay plant

September 10 - Supported research on using new technologies to help improve Ontario soil health and reduce phosphorous from entering waterways, helping protect the environment

September 10 - Welcomed representatives from the German Education Committee to discuss their successful apprenticeship model, which can help Ontario continue to build a skills-focused education system

September 9 - Launched a new policy to improve access to service animals in Ontario schools to ensure students with special needs have the right support to be successful in the classroom

September 9 - Partnered with auto parts companies to invest in technology and training via the new $10 million Automotive Modernization Program to strengthen the auto industry and protect jobs

September 9 - Worked with the federal government to help the province's agri-food sector improve biosecurity measures to further protect locally raised livestock and poultry from diseases and pests

September 8 - Supported training in the film, television and new media industries with a grant for the Canadian Film Centre, a nationally recognized film school and training centre for creators and entrepreneurs

September 6 - Invested in two projects that support the 2019 International Plowing Match and Rural Expo to generate interest and investment in Northern Ontario's thriving agri-food sector

September 6 - Helped people across Northwestern Ontario prepare for successful careers in the forestry sector by partnering with employers and investing in access to skills training

September 6 - Unveiled new supports to make it easier for victims of violent crimes and their families to get the help they need

September 6 - Supported job creators and workers through the government's Open for Jobs plan, creating the conditions for an increase in 57,800 new jobs since August

September 5 - Signaled Ontario's support to modify the Canadian Free Trade Agreement to accelerate removing internal trade barriers so businesses can create jobs and attract investment

September 5 - Supported investments that will help the province's berry growers advance production and access markets to be more competitive

September 5 - Gave drivers more choice and convenience by enabling them to carry electronic proof of auto insurance on their mobile device

September 5 - Responded to the decision issued by a NAFTA Chapter 19 dispute panel to strongly defend Ontario's softwood lumber industry, communities and workers

September 4 - Supported 174 research projects across the province to improve people's quality of life, create jobs and ensure Ontario is open for business

September 4 - Met with U.S. federal and state department agriculture representatives to strengthen agri-food trade with the United States

September 4 - Helped Ontario farmers save time and money with technology by rebuilding AgriSuite, a free online suite of tools that support agronomic, environmental and land use practices

September 4 - Introduced free wi-fi on GO Transit in 2020 to provide a better, more convenient experience for customers

September 3 - Started accepting funding applications for community, culture and recreational projects that will improve the quality of life for residents across Ontario

September 3 - Took action to help Ontario food and agri-product exporters pursue new markets through a new cost-share funding initiative

August 30 - Nominated over $480 million in infrastructure projects across Ontario to make travel safer and faster, and keep people and goods moving

August 30 - Tackled Ontario's school bus driver shortage by continuing a pilot program to help school bus operators across the province retain and recruit drivers

August 30 - Took action to focus on learning by restricting the use of cellphones in classrooms starting November 4

August 29 - Built on a commitment to spend smarter by saving $153 million in taxpayer dollars through measures to better manage year-end expenditures

August 29 - Took action to protect water quality in Ontario's lakes while supporting an environmentally sustainable and prosperous fish farming sector

August 28 - Helped parents save on the costs of summer camp with the CARE tax credit, one of the most flexible child care initiatives ever introduced in Ontario

August 28 - Filed an appeal of the federal carbon tax decision to the Supreme Court of Canada, continuing the fight against the job-killing carbon tax

August 27 - Invested in Ontario grape growers to help them grow their businesses and advance the production of locally grown grapes

August 26 - Participated in a roundtable with mayors and municipal leaders to hear ideas on how to simplify interactions with the province

August 26 - Supported more communities in their fight against guns and gangs by investing in new initiatives to keep people safe

August 26 - Invested in infrastructure projects to ensure Ontario's culture and tourism attractions remain world-class destinations

August 23 - Supported bringing 15 national and international sport events to Ontario to boost local economies and support athletes

August 23 - Consulted with youth, families, caregivers, frontline workers and sector leaders to strengthen the child welfare system

August 23 - Invested in new closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras to help police respond to Toronto's recent episode of gun violence

August 22 - Received the first 11 recommendations from the physician-led Appropriateness Working Group to improve patient care and reduce medically unnecessary services

August 21 - Introduced an enhanced and inclusive Health and Physical Education curriculum for Grades 1-8 that supports students, respects parents and keeps kids safe

August 20 - Met with hundreds of local officials in Ottawa at the 2019 Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference to build stronger, local partnerships

August 20 - Partnered with municipalities to protect youth and combat the illegal cannabis market with enhanced enforcement

August 16 - Protected access to affordable legal representation to maintain options for people charged with less serious offences

August 16 - Targeted hazards in underground mines to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses

August 16 - Kept the people of Ontario safe from rabies via one of the most successful rabies control programs in North America

August 16 - Improved transit in Kawartha Lakes by investing in new transit infrastructure projects

August 15 - Released the province's first quarter fiscal report as part of our commitment to restore trust in Ontario's finances

August 15 - Improved the blue box program to save taxpayers money and help divert more waste from landfills

August 15 - Worked to protect the environment by investing in agri-food research and new, innovative bioproduct development

August 15 - Added more seats across GO Transit's network to bring more rush-hour, midday and evening service

August 13 - Put children, youth and vulnerable people first by supporting quality care for Ontarians with autism

August 12 - Supported the fight against gun and gang violence in the City of Toronto by unlocking $1.5 million for frontline officers to keep people safe

August 12 - Cut red tape to support growth in the Ontario wine industry, giving wineries more flexibility and consumers more choice

August 12 - Proposed a new and improved moose management program to ensure sustainability and hunting opportunities

August 9 - Helped police services and hospitals work together to improve transitions for patients in crisis

August 9 - Recognized International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples

August 9 - Supported farmers by promoting Ontario's tender fruit season

August 8 - Launched a new program to ensure Ontarians living with kidney failure can continue to access care when travelling outside of Canada

August 7 - Invested in new specialized disaster search and rescue teams to help communities

August 7 - Supported honey bee health and strengthened businesses by investing in the beekeeping and agricultural sectors

August 6 - Invested in mental health and addictions services for Indigenous children and youth, adults and families

August 2 - Invested in agri-food research to help protect the province's natural resources

August 1 - Recommitted to lowering energy costs and providing transparency for low-income families, seniors and small businesses

July 31 - Took immediate action to improve Ontario's long-term care system to ensure quality and safe care for people across the province

July 31 - Promoted trust and confidence in Ontario's data economy with the next phase of consultations for Ontario's Data Strategy

July 30 - Continued to stand united with our provincial partners to fight the federal carbon tax

July 30 - Reaffirmed Ontario's commitment to confront and eliminate human trafficking on World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

July 29 - Helped students across the province prepare for successful careers in skilled trades and technology

July 29 - Took action to protect citizens and improve public safety by strengthening fire protection rules across the province

July 29 - Expanded the scope of the autism expert panel and extended existing behaviour plans to provide continuity of service to families

July 26 - Enhanced learning opportunities for students in science, technology, engineering and math as well as the skilled trades

July 25 - Kept families safe and supported local jobs and growth by repairing roads and bridges in 23 municipalities

July 23 - Invested in Ontario's first cross-laminated timber plant to help create jobs and promote renewable resources in the forest industry

July 23 - Improved high-speed internet and cell phone service in rural and remote communities across the province

July 22 - Improved public transit across the GTHA by investing in new transit projects

July 22 - Supported safe and modern learning environments for students with funding for new and existing schools

July 22 - Supported seniors and their families through consultations that will inform a new government-wide seniors strategy

July 22 - Launched consultations to help cut red tape and speed up construction of homes that people need and can afford

July 19 - Helped charities to reach more people by cutting unnecessary fundraising fees

July 18 - Provided frontline police officers with more tools to respond quickly to missing persons investigations

July 18 - Cut red tape to help workers and businesses resolve disputes faster, supporting jobs and growth in the construction industry

July 18 - Took immediate action to improve flood resilience and mitigation by appointing a Special Advisor on flooding

July 16 - Supported seniors' mental health with investment in a new education program

July 15 - Launched the 2019 Fun Pass to help families save money and enjoy free admission to 15 Ontario attractions

July 15 - Launched targeted workplace inspections focused on the safety of new and young workers

July 15- Expanded life-changing treatment options for patients with essential tremors

July 15- Invested in research to improve crop production by fighting plant diseases

July 11 - Helped chicken farmers build and strengthen capacity to effectively and humanely manage chickens in emergency situations

July 9 - Launched efforts to strengthen math skills and help students succeed and improve job prospects

July 8 - Gave up to 3,400 more families more choice by expanding access to midwifery services across the province

July 5 - Took action to protect and preserve the Great Lakes

July 3 - Released a statement to update Ontarians and outline priorities regarding the autism file

July 3 - Became the first province in Canada to expand its newborn screening program to provide babies with earlier diagnosis and interventions

July 3 - Moved forward with a second license lottery for 50 new cannabis stores to combat the illegal market and protect youth and communities 

July 2 - Revised the Grade 10 Career Studies Course to prepare our students for the jobs of the future

July 2 - Improved employment services with a new system to help Ontarians get good, quality jobs by focusing on the needs of local communities, workers and employers

July 2 - Took action to improve competitiveness in the pork sector and drive more innovation in farming through the construction of a new swine research facility

June 28 - Reaffirmed Ontario's commitment to standing up for the people by protecting jobs and making life more affordable - in a way that ensures we have both a healthy environment and a healthy  economy - following the Ontario Court of Appeal's decision on Ontario's case challenging the constitutionality of the federal carbon tax

June 28 - Invited Ontario families to go fishing for free over the Canada Day long weekend

June 27 - Froze some driver and vehicle fees to make life more affordable for drivers

June 27 - Unveiled the next phase of consultations for Ontario's Data Strategy to ensure privacy is protected and promote the benefits of the data economy

June 26 - Funded a new pilot program to help build infrastructure that can withstand extreme weather and protect communities

June 24 - Supported Francophone communities in Ontario through investments to the Francophone Community Grants Program

June 21 - Launched consultations to pay for parks and libraries

June 20 - Cut red tape and made it easier to keep hydro-generating dams in first-rate working condition

June 19 - Redirected health care dollars to direct patient care by reorganizing agencies under the single roof of Ontario Health

June 18 - Announced funding to combat sex trafficking, raise awareness and strengthen supports for survivors

June 13 - Preserved and protected our environment by establishing a working group to support compostable product innovation to tackle plastic litter and waste

June 13 - Restored financial sustainability and saved taxpayers $215 million annually through public service modernization

June 13 - Expanded recreational fishing opportunities in Ontario for resident and international anglers

June 13 - Invested in frontline health services to help critically-ill newborns access safe and timely transportation

June 12 - Launched the Place to Grow: Agri-food Innovation Initiative to drive innovation and cut red tape for the agri-food sector

June 12 - Cut red tape and supported investment to drive prosperity in Ontario's auto sector as part of the government's Driving Prosperity Auto Plan

June 11 - Cut red tape by launching an enhanced online tool to make it easier for farmers to renew their Environmental Farm Plans

June 10 - Proposed a plan to help keep Ontario free of deadly deer disease to preserve and protect our environment for future generations

June 10 - Invested in 20 projects to help craft breweries in Ontario expand markets and grow their businesses

June 10 - Launched the Rowan's Law awareness campaign to help prevent concussions, protect athletes and keep people safe

June 7 - Consulted with seniors and caregivers on aging strong in their communities to support a new government-wide Seniors Strategy

June 7 - Appointed Special Advisor on Recycling and Plastic Waste to tackle plastic pollution and litter, and revamp recycling

June 7 - Added 20,900 jobs in Ontario in May

June 6 - Expanded sales on beverage alcohol to nearly 300 new retail outlets across Ontario

June 6 - Passed Legislation to keep animals safe while the province transitions to an improved animal protection enforcement system

June 5 - Introduce the Protecting a Sustainable Public Sector for Future Generations Act to manage public sector compensation

June 4 - Passed the Getting Ontario Moving Act to upload responsibility for new subway lines, cut red tape for job creators and help keep our roads safe

June 3 - Called on the federal government to commit their support for the new Ontario Line subway

May 31 - Helped increase the province's craft cider production as part of Craft Cider Month

May 31 - Supported Ontario workers by modernizing the apprenticeship and skilled trades system to build Ontario's skilled workforce

May 30 - Took action to protect privacy and personal data through Ontario's Data Strategy

May 30 - Announced the membership of an autism advisory panel to support the government's efforts to build a fairer system

May 29 - Received an upgraded credit rating outlook from the Fitch rating agency, which moved Ontario from negative watch to stable

May 29 - Passed the 2019 Ontario Budget to restore accountability, protect frontline services, and reduce burdens on families and businesses

May 28 - Cut red tape for video game developers to help smaller video game companies receive their tax credits faster

May 28 - Launched a world-wide search for development partners to reinvent Ontario Place

May 27 - Introduced legislation to deliver true choice, convenience and fairness for beer and wine consumers

May 24 - Strengthened consumer protection and ensured public safety for Ontarians

May 23 - Made it easier for First Nation people to buy tax-exempt gas

May 23 - Supported local economies and created jobs by investing in cultural tourism across Ontario

May 23 - Put people first by making communities more accessible for people with disabilities

May 21 - Provided large urban municipalities and district school boards with funding for line-by-line reviews to find four per cent savings and help protect front-line services

May 21 - Released the new First Nations, Métis, and Inuit studies curriculum to support better learning

May 21 - Created a career exploration tool for jobs in the steel and aluminum industries

May 17 - Launched intellectual property plan to protect home-grown innovation and maximize commercialization

May 17 - Supported the Invasive Species Centre to detect, prevent and manage invasive species in Ontario

May 17 - Improved community supports to help seniors stay active, healthy, and safe

May 17 - Supported local tourism and created jobs by investing in over 250 local festivals and events

May 14 - Invested in the Hats for Hides Program to make it easier for hunters to be responsible stewards

May 13 - Put people's safety first with the construction of a new OPP Highway Safety Division detachment

May 13 - Created a task force to better plan for and reduce impacts of flooding in Ontario

May 10 - Launched a pilot introducing higher speed limits on three select highways to improve traffic flow and safety

May 10 - Added 47,100 jobs in Ontario in April

May 9 - Passed the Fixing the Hydro Mess Act to reduce costs and drive efficiencies

May 9 - Tabled the annual estimates in the provincial legislature to restore financial sustainability and protect what matters most to Ontarians

May 9 - Invested in mental health to improve community safety and support front-line workers

May 8 - Welcomed new investment for the transformation of the General Motors assembly complex

May 8 - Invested in new local schools to help francophone students in Ontario succeed

May 6 - Provided more mental health and addiction services in communities across Ontario

 May 2 - Introduced the Getting Ontario Moving Act to get subway lines built faster, improve road safety and cut red tape

May 2 - Released our housing supply action plan, More Homes, More Choice

April 30 - Committed to a new digital plan to deliver simpler, faster and better public services

April 29 - May 3 - Completed a business mission to India to boost trade and investment opportunities for Ontario

April 25 - Released a modernized approach to education investments, including the release of per-pupil funding for 2019-20, a new allocation to protect front-line teachers, and a $330 million Priorities and Partnerships Fund to support high-impact initiatives

April 25 - Proposed a plan to modernize Ontario' outdated environmental assessment process to focus on real risks, streamline approvals and eliminate duplication

April 24 - Showed support for agri-business by cutting red tape and lowering costs

April 24 - Announced plans to make life easier and more affordable for families by simplifying the Estate Administration Tax

April 24 - Announced plans to make life easier and more affordable for families by simplifying the Estate Administration Tax 

April 23 - Announced free dental care for low-income seniors 

April 23 - Protected and created jobs in central Ontario by investing in repairs to Highway 7/115

April 22 - Raised awareness about mental health in Ontario’s farming community  

April 18 - Passed the People’s Health Care Act to put patients at the centre of the health care system and end hallway health care 

April 18 - Announced $27 billion in essential hospital infrastructure investments over 10 years to end hallway health care

April 18 - Put children and workers first by providing wage enhancement funding for the child care sector

April 18 - Launched a $4.5 million Species at Risk Stewardship Program

April 17 - Announced the Big Game Management Advisory Committee to improve moose management in Ontario

April 17 - Invested $1 billion to make community housing safer, more efficient and sustainable

April 16 - Changed the Mandatory Blood Testing Act to better protect emergency first responders, medical professionals, victims of crime and good Samaritans

April 16 - Added new express GO Train service for Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax and Pickering commuters and travellers 

April 15 - Reinforced commitment to modernize licensing and certification processes for farmers and agri-businesses

April 12 - Put parents and children first with the new proposed Ontario Childcare Access and Relief from Expenses (CARE) tax credit 

April 11: Introduced 2019 Ontario Budget: Ontario's Plan to Protect What Matters Most 

April 5 - Improved Ontario's conservation authorities to ensure people, property and natural resources are protected from flooding and extreme weather 

April 4 - Reinforced the government's commitment to protecting and sustaining Ontario's education system

April 4 - Announced the government's intent to consult with Ontario public sector employers and bargaining agents to restore sustainability to public sector wages and preserve critical front-line services 

April 3 - Took next step to building a connected public health care system by providing guidance on how to become an Ontario Health Team 

April 2 - Passed the Restoring Ontario's Competitiveness Act to cut red tape and create jobs 

April 2 - Announced consultations on enhancements to the Ontario Autism Program 

March 29 - Put OPP personnel and families first by investing in a comprehensive mental health program 

March 27 - Invest $1.3 billion in highway infrastructure

March 26 - Passed legislation to restore respect for police officers

March 26 - Announced funding to help improve public transit across Ontario

March 26 - Took action to boost local efforts to stop gun violence and gang activity across Ontario

March 22 - Announced 1, 157 new long-term care beds across Ontario

March 21 - Introduced the Fixing the Hydro Mess Act, reforming the electricity system to lower costs and find efficiencies

March 21 - Cut red tape for boat, snowmobile, and ATV dealers

March 21 - Enhanced supports for children with autism and their families

March 19 - Doubled provincial investment to prevent sexual assault and violence on post-secondary campuses

March 18 - Announced $1 billion in annual savings through centralizing government procurement (buying in bulk)

March 15 - Released Education that Works for You plan to focus on STEM, financial literacy, mathematics, and skilled trades

March 12 - Launched $30 billion infrastructure funding program, in partnership with the federal government

March 8 - Ontario created 36, 900 jobs in February as a result of our pro-growth labour policies

March 6 - Released discussion paper on how to reduce waste and litter, and opened it up for public comment

February 27 - Announced free GO Transit rides for children 12 and under

February 21 - Capped Hydro One executive compensation at $1.5 million (previous CEO made $6 million)

February 20 - Transformed Tarion, to better protect home buyers and address conflicts of interest

February 19 - Introduced the COPS Act, to treat police officers with fairness and respect 

February 14 - Launched our ten-year Driving Prosperity plan to boost Ontario's auto sector

February 13 - Third quarter financial results released showing a $1 Billion reduction in inherited $15 Billion deficit

February 12 - Took next steps to upload TTC Subway to the province to get transit built faster

February 12 - Launched a refreshed labour market website 

February 8 - Ontario added 41, 400 jobs as a result of our policies to boost job creation in Ontario

February 1 - Made life easier for farmers who suffer livestock and crop losses

February 1 - Celebrated natural gas expansion to Fenelon Falls, Cameron, and Cambray

January 31 - Saved businesses $5 Million per year by making health and safety training available online

January 25 - Passed along $200 Million in savings at Bruce Power to electricity customers

January 24 - Cut red tape for farmers by simplifying business registration

January 24 - Leveraged new technology at truck inspection stations to save time, money, and fuel

January 23 - Providing municipalities with second $15 Million payment to manage cannabis legalization

January 23 - Premier Ford received the Golden Scissors award from the CFIB for being a champion for red-tape reduction

January 22 - Received A- grade on cutting red tape from CFIB, Ontario's highest grade ever

January 17 - Allowed students the option to opt out of some additional fees that are currently mandatory

January 17 - Reduced college and university tuition rates by 10% beginning September 1st

January 10 - Froze all fishing and hunting license fees and removed $2 service fee

January 9 - Launched auto insurance rates consultation

January 1 - LIFT credit comes into effect, eliminating provincial income tax for minimum wage earners



December 20 - Passed legislation to prevent a Power Workers' Union strike that risked power outages during Christmas

November 21 - Bill 47, the Making Ontario Open for Business Act, received Royal Assent

November 15 - Protected 'double hatter' firefighters from unfair penalties for serving their communities and saving lives

November 15 - Announced the LIFT credit, the largest tax-break for low-income workers in a generation

October 23 - Introduced Bill 47, the Making Ontario Open for Business Act

October 9 - Brought back Slots-At-Racetrack Program

October 3 - Acted to end hallway healthcare - 1,100 hospital beds and 6,000 long-term care beds announcement

October 2 - Fought for Ontario farming jobs - new US-Mexico-Canada Agreement

September 29 - Provided tornado recovery assistance funding to Ottawa

September 29 - Improved airport terminals

September 28 - Scrapped the Drive Clean program

September 27 - Launched provincial forestry strategy

September 26 - Introduced cannabis retail legislation 

September 26 - Launched concussion safety campaign to mark Rowan's Law

September 26 - Reduced WSIB premiums by 29% to empower job creators to invest in their business

September 25 - Released the line by line review of government spending by EY Canada

September 24 - Announced a select committee to investigate past financial practices

September 21 - Announced results of the Commission of Inquiry, exposing the previous government's real deficit is $15 billion

September 21 - The Auditor General issued her first clean audit of public accounts in three years to this Government

September 20 - Scrapped the Green Energy Act

September 20 - Increased GO Train service in the GTHA

September 19 - Traveled to Washington, DC to protect Ontario jobs during NAFTA negotiations

September 18 - Extended access to natural gas

September 14 - Increased access to snowmobiling licences and safety information online

September 14 - Challenged the federal carbon tax in court

August 31 - Began work on our promise to build better regional transit across Ontario

August 30 - Committed to upholding free speech on publicity funded university and college campuses

August 29 - Gave people a voice to decide the future of government services

August 22 - Gave parents a voice on public education

August 21 - Strengthened relationships between the province and municipalities

August 21 - Froze driver license renewal fees

August 17 -  Announced nine new OPP detachments

August 15 - Ensured greater transparency and accountability at Hydro One

August 13 - Announced cannabis retail model following federal legalization of cannabis

August 9 - Invested $25 million to fight guns and gangs

August 8 - Responded to the forest fire crisis

August 7 - Issued the 'Buck-A-Beer' Challenge

August 2 -  Challenged the federal carbon tax in court

July 27 - Announced the Better Local Government Act

July 26 - Got York University students back to class

July 25 - Introduced legislation to end cap-and-trade carbon tax

July 20 - Supported new Lower Don project by cutting red tape

July 18-20 - Showed national leadership at the Council of the Federation

July 17 -  Launched Independent Financial Commission of Inquiry

July 17 -  Commissioned a line-by-line audit of government spending

July 13 - Demonstrated leadership on illegal border crossing crisis

July 13 - Cancelled wasteful energy contracts

July 11 - CEO of Hydro One and Board of Directors - gone

June 30 - Reformed OHIP+ supporting people in greatest need

June 27 - Committed to building memorial for the veterans of the Afghanistan War

June 21 - Saved 7500 jobs at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station

June 15 - Began the process of scrapping the cap-and-trade carbon tax