Historic Anti-Human Trafficking Legislation Becomes Law in Ontario

QUEEN’S PARK – Bill 96, the Anti-Human Trafficking Act, based largely on MPP Scott’s Saving the Girl Next Door Act, became law today after having received unanimous support in the Ontario Legislature. This law will finally provide much-needed recourse and justice to survivors of human sex trafficking in Ontario.

“On behalf of the PC Caucus I want to say, ‘Finally,’” said MPP Scott during third reading debate yesterday. “We’ve been waiting for legislative action for over a year.”

This new law establishes February 22nd as Human Trafficking Awareness Day, allows victims of human trafficking to apply for restraining orders against their traffickers, and allows victims to sue their traffickers for damages.

MPP Scott has advocated for anti-human trafficking legislation for two years.

“There is much more to follow through on with respect to anti-human trafficking measures. We need public service announcements, we need education. We cannot allow human trafficking to be a normal part of our society. Collectively, we have to stamp it out,” Scott said.

“I am putting the government on notice: I will continue to watch their actions on this file closely, but I appreciate the fact that we are finally adopting anti-human trafficking legislation,” she concluded.