MPP Scott Reintroduces her Mandatory Sexual Assault Training for Judges Bill

QUEEN’S PARK – As a result of the Wynne government’s decision to prorogue the Legislature this week, MPP Laurie Scott was forced to re-introduce her Private Member’s Bill, the Mandatory Sexual Assault Law Training for Judicial Officers Act this afternoon.

MPP Scott’s bill would implement mandatory sexual assault training for currently sitting judges and justices of the peace.

“Although my Private Member’s Bill received the unanimous support of all parties in the Legislature at second reading four months ago, the Wynne government sat on its hands and allowed this important bill to languish in committee without bringing it up for debate,” Scott said.

“There is absolutely no reason that this Bill shouldn’t already be the law of the land, but this government’s decision to prorogue means that we’re back at square one,” Scott added.

“This government has shown us that they are all talk, and no action, when it comes to implementing real legislative measures aimed at protecting sexual assault survivors from being re-victimized,” Scott concluded.

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