MPP Scott Addresses Wynne Government's Failure on Kawartha Downs

INDSAY – Today, MPP Scott expressed profound disappointment at the decision to deny Kawartha Downs’ request for 40 racing slots; a decision that will almost certainly lead to job losses and hurt the local economy.

“It’s now clear that the Wynne government is continuing its all-out attack on the horse racing industry in this province,” stated Scott.

First, the Liberal government suddenly cancelled the Slots at Racetracks Program that helped to support this vital rural industry for many years. That decision led to 23,000 job losses and 27,000 dead horses.

Now, for the second year in a row, Kawartha Downs has had its application for additional racing slots denied.

“Kawartha Downs is trying hard to make things work in the face of this government’s attacks on the industry. But even then, the government slaps them down! How does Rural Affairs Minister Jeff Leal expect Kawartha Downs to succeed, when they’ve had both hands tied behind their back by his government?,” Scott added.

Minister Leal has feigned concern about the crisis affecting Kawartha Downs, while at the same time turning a blind eye to the decisions made by the government and its agencies, which are killing the local horse racing industry.

“It is this government that caused the current crisis, and it is their responsibility to fix the mistakes they have made. Sadly, it seems that Minister Leal is happy to watch this vital rural industry die on his watch,” Scott concluded.