Wynne Government rejects MPP Scott’s call to stop the move of the Minden Courthouse

QUEEN’S PARK – On April 7, 2017, MPP Scott launched a petition calling on the Attorney General to step in and overturn the decision to close the Minden Courthouse, stating that “the closure of the Provincial Offence court in Minden means; a dramatic reduction in access to justice for residents, hurts the local economy and, jeopardizes community safety by letting criminals get off scot-free.”

“Unfortunately, the Wynne Government has refused to listen to the hundreds of constituents who signed my petition and failed to act to stop this closure” said Scott.

Instead the Attorney General hid behind judicial independence and failed to take responsibility for causing the backlog of Justice of the Peace appointments in the first place.

“This is a shameful response from the Minister, showing that he doesn’t care about the realities of life in rural Ontario. Nevertheless, I will keep up the pressure on him to listen to my constituents and ensure that they have the access to justice that they deserve,” Scott concluded.

See PDF file for the Minister's response, which was sent to MPP Scott's office.