Statement by MPP Laurie Scott on the Agreement in Principle with Kawartha Downs and Ontario Government

October 10, 2018


The decimation of Ontario’s horse racing industry at the hands of the former Liberal government came to a head when it cancelled the Slots at Racetracks Program, all but guaranteeing the death of horse racing in rural Ontario.


The Doug Ford Government has taken action after hearing repeated, strong opposition against the former Liberal plan.


I take rural issues in this riding very seriously and have been fighting this decision ever since it was made. I am pleased to confirm that an agreement in principle has been reached with Kawartha Downs and our government.


I want to thank the many people involved for working tirelessly to resurrect support for horse racing in rural Ontario. Many hours were spent working out the details, a few more than expected in our case, to ensure that horse racing will continue at Kawartha Downs.


With this agreement in principle in place, Kawartha Downs will be offering horse racing nights as well as slots for years to come.


The previous Liberal government had the slots moving completely out of the building and closing the doors behind the moving trucks.


With this agreement in principle, we now we have 150 slots staying to complement our continued nights at the races, keeping horse racing and jobs going in rural Ontario.