Strengthening Video Surveillance Systems in Kawartha Lakes

LINDSAY— This year, the Ontario government is investing $19,125.00 in Closed-Circuit
Television (CCTV) systems to help the City of Kawartha Lakes Police Service better
detect, investigate and prevent criminal activity at Kawartha Lakes-Haliburton Housing
Corporation (KLH) properties.

The Ontario CCTV Grant, announced in August 2020, is providing police services with a
total of $6 million over three years to expand CCTV systems in their communities and
improve public safety.

“Improving the technology available to CKL police supports the local fight against crime
and ensures our residents and staff at KLH Housing properties can feel safe as we
recover from the impacts of COVID-19 without fear of crime,” said Laurie Scott, MPP for
Haliburton- Kawartha Lakes- Brock.

The CCTV grant will permit increased surveillance of KLH Housing facilities in order to
assist in the detection, identification and apprehension of violent offenders while
increasing the safety and security of all KLH Housing residents.

“KLH Housing Corp would like to thank the province for this funding,” said Hope Lee,
CEO of KLH Housing Corporation. “This funding will allow for the purchase and
installation of new CCTV cameras in the common areas of KLH properties in Lindsay
that do not currently have any camera coverage and enhance coverage at facilities that
currently have limited coverage. This will permit increased surveillance of KLH Housing
facilities and increase the safety and security of residents.”

“We know that CCTV cameras are an effective tool to deter criminal activity and provide
important evidence in solving crimes when they occur,” commented Mark Mitchell, Chief
of Kawatha Lakes Police Service. “Working collaboratively with KLH Housing, we
looked at the need in Housing properties that did not have existing CCTV as well as
enhancements that were needed to bolster existing coverage in other properties. As we
move forward, we will work closely with residents to make sure their voice is heard and
these tools are utilized to help them feel safe.”

The CCTV grant builds on the province's approximate $106 million investment to
combat gun and gang violence, with the support of the federal government, through
Ontario’s Guns, Gangs and Violence Reduction Strategy.

“By strengthening CCTV surveillance systems across the province, Ontario’s police
services will be better equipped to prevent criminal activity, identify and apprehend
offenders,” said Solicitor General Sylvia Jones. “This expansion will support the local
fight against guns and gangs while deterring other crimes such as drug and human
trafficking, street racing and stunt driving. The use of CCTV cameras will also help hold
criminals accountable by providing important visual evidence to support investigations
and the prosecution process.”